2016 Recap – Thank You

2016 was an incredible year for me artistically.

In January I decided to take art seriously. This meant making creative time and space a priority, sharing my work, and actively pursuing opportunities. When you set an intention, put in consistent work, and follow what you may feel is a calling/gift/dream/passion, opportunity ACTUALLY does open up to you!

This year I have:

  • Maintained a (flexible) schedule where I work at least a half a day each week on an artistic project
  • Started a website, Facebook page, and Instagram account
  • Completed 18 commissioned works in total including pet portraits and greeting cards
  • Opened an Etsy shop
  • Became (one of the many) featured local artisans at Nest
  • Showed work at a local coffee shop, the South Carolina State Fair, and was a featured artist at the local shop It’s the Little Things
  • Was re-Instagramed (if that is a word?) by the James Abbe Archive for my collage work with James Abbe’s photography
  • Met people in my community and started a network
  • Overcome the fear of starting


The support I have received from friends and colleagues has been amazing, and incredibly humbling. They were the ones who made up 90% of my commissions (so essentially funded my work), showed up to see my work on show, and encouraged me. Without them, none of this could have happened.

Thank you to anyone who commissioned work, liked posts, shared my work online, showed up to see my work on display, bought an item from Nest, spoke kindly of my work, hung my work on their walls, and/or gave me advice when I sought help. You all made this year an exciting adventure for me.

I am excited to see what happens in the coming year!

With Gratitude,




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