Commissions + Shop Updates

The days are shorter, and the air is chilly freezing. While each year I fear the lack of sunlight will impact my work negatively, somehow I always end up producing the most work during this season.

Commission work has increased! The serendipitous ways in which commissions make it my way are really fun and surprising. More often than not it is the people I would least expect to ask for a commission, or it is a friend of a friend in need of some original art! Some examples of my fall commissions include: a 4th year wedding anniversary collage, an eclipse painting, a sunflower greeting card, and a house portrait.

Sunflower greeting card (before watercolor).
Detail of  the house portrait (ink and watercolor).

In addition to the commission work, I have restocked postcards and original works at some of the shops I sell in. The Fairfield County Arts Council’s Gallery at Over the Top Boutique now has Lady Dame Print postcards in addition to original works! Pellicluade also has some fresh postcards, and the addition of original work. Do give them visits if you are in South Carolina. Both are locally owned shops run by women!

Pelliclaude located on Main Street (Columbia)
Over the Top Boutique (Ridgeway)

In the event I do not post again before all the holidays coming up, I wish everyone a relaxing and beautiful season!




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