New Works + Catitude Cat Cafe

The end of 2017 has found me finishing up commissioned work, and coming into a fun opportunity.

I completed a commissioned three part series of women teaching, reading, and researching at the University of South Carolina Law School. Each ink and watercolor is 16 x 20, and they are the largest illustrations I have made since high school! I was fearful of illustrating people in more detail than I typically do, but I am quite happy with how these three ladies turned out!

2017 The Researcher (Detail 2)
The Researcher (detail). Ink and Watercolor. 16×20. 2017.
2017 The Professor (Detail III)
The Professor (detail). Ink and Watercolor. 16×20. 2017.
2017 The Reader (Detail 1)
The Reader (detail). Ink and Watercolor. 16×20. 2017.

A fun opportunity presented itself this month in the opening of Columbia’s first cat cafe! While visiting the adorable (and adoptable) cats of Catitude Cat Cafe, you can shop for local cat art! This is a fun outlet for my cat themed art, and I am really excited to have a couple of my original works available there.

Self Care
Self Care. Ink and Watercolor. 5×7. 2017.

Earlier this month I also had the opportunity to participate in Pelliclaude’s Pop-Up Market during First Thursday on Main. The evening was very wet and cold, but still had a modest crowd of encouraging visitors. It was here that I debuted my gift tags for the holidays! These I up-cycled from my paper scraps in an effort to join the #scrapthewrap movement. This and many others are encouraging the use of environmentally friendlier wrapping materials, and things that can be reused, rather than adding to the consumption (then disposal) of holiday wrappings.

Gift Tags
Ink and watercolor gift tags.

Looking forward to 2018, new opportunities, and new art! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!


Lady Dame