Photos from March Events

Sharing some of the event photos from March. All three were so much fun! Thank you to those who came out to support me, and local artists/makers overall.

P.S. A great way to get original art for a more affordable price – university art auctions! They are fun, include up-coming artists and local artists, and folks were getting a steal!

My awesome set up at Anthropologie’s Spring Pop-up Market in Columbia, SC.
This made me feel super special!
One of the girls at Anthro made each vendor a handmade intro board. My neighbor was Gardner’s Outpost, and they let me decorate my area with some of their succulents.
Cozy shot from It’s the Little Things. I had originals on display, and some of my stationery for sale.
2017 Beatnik
Beatnik went to her new home following the show at It’s the Little Things!
2017 Stevie
Stevie went to her new home following the 63rd McMaster Gallery Art Auction!

Cover art for this post is a new work called Alien. I am exploring abstract, and really enjoying the way in which you enter a work not knowing what is going to happen. The process is spontaneous, with the end result being a pleasant (and sometimes not-so-pleasant) surprise.

“I am always doing what I can’t do yet in order to learn how to do it.” – Vincent Van Gogh


Lady Dame



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