2018 Highlights

Hello! In just a few short hours it will be 2019, and I am taking the remaining time to reflect. I would like to share some highlights from 2018 with pictures, because 2018 has been pretty fantastic.

18-spring-pop-up-market_vendor-jpg (2) (2)971504494..jpg
This year I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to have pop-ups with my local Anthropologie, my local JCrew, and Pelliclaude.
I exhibited works in a variety of local spots, including: Arts on the Ridge in Ridgeway, South Carolina, Over the Top in Ridgeway, South Carolina, It’s the Little Things in West Columbia, South Carolina, The Spotted Salamander in Columbia, South Carolina, and The White Mule in Columbia, South Carolina.
Commissions provided me opportunities to try new styles and subjects, explore mediums, and go big!
I had three press mentions: The Country Chronicle, The Free Times, and THE WASHINGTON POST!! I had not considered press as a goal, and felt unprepared to talk on the fly. Hoping that comes with experience…
I exhibited works in some larger exhibits including: Figure Out 2018 at Tapp’s Art Center, the 63rd Annual Art Auction at McMaster Gallery, and the 16th Annual Live Silent & Live Auction at Redux Art Center.
The highlight of the year was exhibiting at Latela Gallery (in Washington D.C. – now called Latela Curatorial) in Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition. Exhibiting in one of my favorite places, in a collage themed exhibit, and in a chic gallery was a dream come true.
One of my goals for 2018 was to actively pursue editorial spots. I had works featured in Reply Magazine (an independent art and poetry publication), and in Hook Magazine (a magical independent publication in the UK).
My collage In Bloom hanging in its new forever home!
Ended the year with having a collection of works for sale at The Collective. This shot was featured on their Instagram, highlighting all the fun creative items available in the shop.

A big hug & thank you to all those who have supported me, and my art, in 2018.

As for 2019…

“…Never look back, walk tall, act fine…” – David Bowie


Lady Dame