2017 In Bloom
In Bloom. Gouache and Paper. 2017.
2018 Head Above Water
Head Above Water. Watercolor, Gouache, Paper.
Natural Beauty. Gouache and Paper.
Art Nouveau
Mucha. Watercolor, Pen, and Paper.
2017 Lola
Lola. Ink, Watercolor, and Paper.
2016 Designers Mind
Designer’s Mind. Ink, Watercolor, and Paper.
2017 Flamingo Dream
Flamingo Dream. Ink, Watercolor, Paper and Washi Tape.
2017 Bird of Paradise II
Bird of Paradise II. Gouache, Ink and Paper.


2017 Skirt Screen Shot
Skirt! Magazine Cover May 2017
2017 Ghost Bird
Ghost Bird. Ink.
2017 Owl's Midnight Flight
Midnight Flight. Ink, Watercolor, and Gouache.
2017 Anthousai - Flower Nymph
Flower Nymph. Ink and Watercolor.
2017 Elvira
Elvira. Ink and Watercolor.
2017 Grey Cat
Self Care. Ink and Watercolor.
2016 Fish Nets
Fishnets. Ink and Watercolor.
2017 Beatnik
Beatnik. Ink and Watercolor.
2016 Rabbit Ring
The Circle. Ink and Watercolor.
2017 Lore House
Lore House. Ink and Watercolor.
2016 Sleeping Fox
Sleeping Fox. Ink and Watercolor.



2018 Color Study 02
Color Study 02. Gouache and Ink.
2018 Pink Rain
Torrent. Gouache.
2018 Magenta
Abstract in Pink. Ink, Watercolor, Gouache.
2018 Alien Landscape
Reclaim. Gouache.


Commissioned Works

The Researcher (detail). Ink and Watercolor.
2016 Penguin
Penguin. Ink and Watercolor. 2016.
The Professor (detail). Ink and Watercolor.
2016 Cat Head
Pet Portrait. Ink and Watercolor.


Lady Dame Prints

Mermaid Sticker




Otter Card