Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition

Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition 

I am exhibiting this month in a group show at Latela Art Gallery in Washington DC. The gallery is located off the Bookland Metro stop, and it could not be easier to get to! The exhibit features multiple mixed media artists, and features some really beautiful work in a variety of mediums, styles, and subjects.

The gallery is light, airy, and modern, and is surrounded by other art studios. It opens its doors for community meditation, and offers local made beauties like candles, prints, and (not so local made) crystals. It remains on display through October 27th.

I have played it cool, but this was a dream come true!

Arts Walk – Brookland neighborhood. 
A quiet corner.
My two collages hang next to a large window overlooking the metro. Hustle and stillness all at once.
Some of the other works by other fabulous artists. 
Artists + Curator (far right)

“All too often, we feel that we are not living the fullness of our lives because we are not expressing the fullness of our gifts.” – Elle Luna


Lady Dame