Inspiration: Children’s Books

In an effort to become more comfortable with talking about my work, I thought I would write a blog series on what inspires and informs it. Over the next few months, I will highlight some of my influences and inspirations. This month I will go back to where my love of art began. My beloved … Continue reading Inspiration: Children’s Books

Valentine’s Cards + an Upcoming Event

Valentine's cards are out, and ready to be given to all your special someones!¬†They are available at Pellicluade in Columbia, South Carolina, and in my Etsy shop. My goal was always to move toward the most sustainable practice I could afford. I have started by printing my Valentine's cards on recycled paper, and shipping my … Continue reading Valentine’s Cards + an Upcoming Event

Commissions + Shop Updates

The days are shorter, and the air is chilly freezing. While each year I fear the lack of sunlight will impact my work negatively, somehow I always end up producing the most work during this season. Commission work has increased! The serendipitous ways in which commissions make it my way are really fun and surprising. … Continue reading Commissions + Shop Updates

Holidays + Event Pictures

Fall is here and it has been wonderfully full so far! More importantly, Halloween is almost here! I LOVE making art for Halloween - basically all year round. I will be featuring inked out ladies all month long on my Instagram of my favorite Halloween beauties, icons, and characters. (Follow me @ladydameprints) If you are … Continue reading Holidays + Event Pictures

Exhibit Announcements!

Happy *almost* Fall! I am thrilled to share two new exhibits & one online publication! Fairfield County Arts Council & Over the Top Boutique are hosting First Friday Artist Showcase in Ridgeway, South Carolina on Friday September 1st at 5PM. I will have five artworks on display for this one night event! It will be … Continue reading Exhibit Announcements!

Kolaj Artist Directory + Kakalak

The past month has seen an increase in blog followers. Thank you and welcome! My aim is to share updates about my work or events once a month. I am so thrilled you are following my journey! In searching for collage specific art calls, I came across a variety of collage journals and organizations. Kolaj¬†stood … Continue reading Kolaj Artist Directory + Kakalak