Cambria Hotel – Columbia

The new Cambria Hotel Columbia (Downtown the Vista) recently opened in South Carolina. Cambria Hotels is an upscale hotel franchise owned by Choice Hotels International, Inc. It’s located at 1000 Lady Street and features a variety of local art and decor reflecting the community.

Two of my designs are featured in the elevators!

Cambria Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina.

This project began for me in October 2020 after being contacted by NINE dot ARTS. The agency found my work online and presented my website to the client (Cambria Hotels). The client liked my floral illustrations and NINE dot ARTS hired me to design two works for the elevators.

My designs began as acrylic paintings that I presented to NINE dot ARTS. I scanned them, edited them in Photoshop, and at the end provided digital files for the creation of vinyl decals. The agency communicated between the client and I throughout 2021 to reach a desired look and color combination.

The original designs – acrylic paint and acrylic pens.

Many projects and beloved shops were cancelled or closed between 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, and alongside some personal difficulties, many opportunities did not or could not happen. This project provided a little hope and much needed excitement.

One of the early digital edits. The final works are soft greens and pinks, rather than bold aqua and magenta.
The pink peonies elevator in the Cambria Hotel.
The green peonies elevator in Cambria Hotel.

Thank you to the friends and colleagues in Columbia who were able to take pictures for me! If you have an opportunity to visit, please take a picture and tag me (@LadyDamePrints)!

 “Creativity is the love of something, having so much love for something whether a person, a word, an image, an idea, a land or humanity that all that can be done with the overflow is to create. It is not a matter of wanting to, not a singular act of will, one solely must.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Women Who Run With the Wolves)

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